We took a look at Feedspot's Top 100 Celebrity Gossip Blogs and Websites and pulled out our Top 5. In no particular order, these are the sites we have to get our daily dose of goss from!


TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone)

TMZ.com has been dishing out the gossip from the start, and they are known for their refreshingly blunt take on all things Hollywood. They are also known for typically being the first to break new stories, so start your day here to get the latest.

Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller

Hollywoodlife.com brings gossip, beauty, and shopping together, meaning that it's a great place to head if you're looking for all three. This site also has a popular "Bonnie Says" column that brings commentary into broader news and world events.

People Magazine

People.com makes the list almost exclusively because 90's teens were taught that these were the magazines to buy to stay up to speed on fashion and trends, celebrity couples, and upcoming movies. The website keeps that legacy alive.


Bossip.com "is the premier destination for African American popular culture and entertainment, with a voice that’s edgy, viciously hilarious, politically aware–and completely unique." If you're looking for elevated black voices and gossip, this is a great place to start!


Pinkvilla.com is the spot for Bollywood gossip and news, with a Korean submenu as well. Gossip and entertainment are universal, and as we in North America enjoy more and more content from abroad, it's nice to have a spot to get caught up on all of the back stories and drama that might go with it!