Support of LGBTQ+ folks is more important than ever, and Money UK has posted a review of the most friendly cities in the world and states in the US for "Friends of Dorothy" folks who are just looking for the same ease of life that others enjoy.

Hawaii tops the list

Coming in with 5/5 ranking for work safety, 5/5 for ease of changing one's gender marker, and a healthy 4.6% of the community identifying as part of this community, Hawaii proves that island living really is sweet.

The other states ranked in order are Maine at #2, Vermont, California, and then Minnesota at #5. These rankings were done by Money's mortgage experts, looking at overall acceptance, numbers of gay bars/clubs and ratings of the same.

To determine the most accepting USA states, we looked at how difficult it is to change the gender marker on your birth certificate and driving licence, the level of state support for LGBTQ+ adults who have started or wish to start a family, work safety, the percentage of adults aged over 18 who identify as LGBTQ+, and the percentage of LGBTQ+ adults aged over 25 raising children. [source]

Global Leaders

Reykjavik, Iceland earns the top spot for cities in the world. They scored a 10/10 for LGBTQ+ acceptance, and have the most gay bars/clubs with the highest ratings on TripAdvisor. So across the board this city is a safe haven for folks looking to go about their lives in peace.

Here is the full list:

Image credit: Money UK