SZA and Doja

These are somewhat different artists in the music scene. SZA has been making R&B music for the last decade alongside artists like Kendrick Lamar. Doja on the other hand has made a handful of songs since coming up in 2018 and her hot single in 2020.


Originally from New Jersey, SZA has been making the last year with the labels Topdog and RCA, which also includes signees Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad. With her smash it album in 2018 name Ctrl she was nominated for a best new artist in 2017 as well as 3 other nominations that same year. Later that year with the release of Marvels' Black Panther and friend Kendricks Lamar's album, she appeared on the track "All the stars" which also ended up getting highly recognized with the high movie sales.


Since some may not know, she released an album in 2018 as her debut album. In 2019, she released another album which included her hit " Love me" which went multi-platinum the same year. The social media app TikTok had a lot to do with the amount of attention this song got.


With both artists having a solid track record, this release a summertime song named "Kiss me more" which since being released last month has been on the Billboard 200 since. This summertime song is perfect to blast while riding down the highway coast with friends. They continue to stay on the charts. SZA and Doja Cat both plan on releasing projects later this year.