Everyone ready for the new season of the smash hit Stranger Things. Remember what happened last season? Also, what does 002/004 mean? The release date? So many questions. Let's dive into it.

What Happened?

Last season, The gang found each other in a very sticky situation. At the end of the 2nd season, Eleven closed the gate leading towards the upside-down. After this everyone thought that its finally over and nothing like that will happen again. This goes around, Russian have entered the town of Hopkins with intentions to reopen to the gate to the upside-down.

It all starts when Billy (Max's older brother) is captured by the shadow monster that possessed Will in the first two seasons. This season, Netflix stepped it up a level. The monster was made out rat bodies and human bodies. Disgusting. The monster is trying to track down enough people to become part of itself to become huge and finally put an end to Eleven. Between the Russians and the monster, they have their hands full. In the end, the monster is killed and the Russian stronghold is taken down. Sadly, we lose Hopper in the final fight. Will and Eleven leave Hopkins to try and start over somewhere safer for the both of them. With the crushing ending, everyone's left on a cliffhanger that Hopper is still alive! In Russia!?

The Coming Season

We don't know much about what's coming up in this next season. We know the group is spread thin, but what does that mean about the plot? We see an old character from the first season come back in this small teaser possibly showing more kids like Eleven. Does this mean they're getting back together? Does Hopper Come Back? Fans are thinking of all sorts of different theories of what could happen next. To our knowledge now, it looks like everyone going to be coming back together. Let's hope this will be as good as the last three seasons. I have no doubt it will.

Set to release in summer 2021!