It Has Been A Long Time Coming

The final movie of the series. They've been making Fast and Furious films since the early 2000s. These movies kicked off a huge following of car lovers.

What's Happened So Far

The movies have been about cars since the start. Connor O'Brien is an undercover cop that investigates the underground car scene and whose part of it. The first couple of movies are about different car scenes and the people slowly coming together for the fifth movie where they change their lives. Multiple characters from different movies come together in Brazil to rob a millionaire that killed their friend and had dirty money. They end up pulling it off and part ways until their two brothers that are both trained military men that want the family dead. In this process, they lose many friends as well as the actual death of the actor Paul Walker. The movies became more to people after so being that Paul Walker really inspired young car enthusiasts with these movies. With this being the final movie we see some big-time actors come in to make big appearances.

The Final Movie. Maybe

The first 7 movies involved Paul Walker. After so, fans said it should stop being at the end of the 7th movie there's a big goodbye to Paul's character. The final movie is supposed to revolve around Dominic Toretto and his brother entering the movie as actor John Cena. This may or may not be the last movie of the series. There's talk that 10 original movies were planned, but since Paul Walker's passing, it's up in the air. If you haven't seen any of these movies, they give fun 2000s vibes with the cars and the culture. Will the movie do good? It looks like it but we'll have to see. Fans wanted the movies to stop once Paul passed, but the writers weren't done.

Rest In Peace Paul