Baby Keem is an upcoming rapper from Carson, CA (Shoutout!). Being the cousin of Kendrick Lamar, Keem has some family blood he needs to live up to. He's known for his song "Orange Soda" which you couldve heard all over TikTok last year. He had a hit, but needed to keep showing what he can do. He's been riding solo without features for his whole career, until he and Travis Scott cooked some sh*t up.

Baby Keem hasn't been around a long time in the rap game. He does have notable production credit to Kendrick Lamar's Blank Panther: The Album and SchoolboyQ's Crash Talk. Impressive work. Keem has made his own sound combining Hip-hop, Trap, and R&B with some methodical additives.

Releasing a track with one of the biggest rappers/artists in the world is something to be listened to. The track is amazing with its flow and vocals. Been waiting on this one for a hot minute. Moving up to a new level like this opens a lot of new opportunities for young Baby Keem. Who knows maybe we'll see a Drake feature in the future.