The Purge Anarchy, Official Full Movie

This is the official full movie, The Purge Anarchy. One day a year, the citizens are unleashed to run amuck and kill. There are no rules other than you start killing when the announcements are made, and stop when the alarm sounds. Super villains like those in the official movie trailer for Suicide Squad LOVE this.  Anyone who fires a shot after the appropriate killing schedule can and will be arrested for murder. 

That may not make a lot of sense, but this is considered a cleansing. The purgers run around the city killing random or chosen individuals. Some dress in costumes, others just dress in everyday clothes. This official full movie shows it is kill or be killed during the Purge... like many super hero movies... unless you have a great place to hide.

Some individual hide out during the Purge to avoid being counted among the dead. This is not the time of year for the pacifist. Things get even crazier in the 2016 official movie trailer for The Purge, Election Year.

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The Purge, Election Year Official Movie Trailer

If you saw the first 2 official hit movies, The Purge, you know what you are getting into. This film is unique, as it is based on both purging and the election. It is about fighting for survival, like in the official box-office movie for WoW.

Purgers are fighting against those who want to end the Purge in this official move trailer. Those who are sick of the death and violence want to end the Purge and stop all participation. Much like super heroes in the official movie trailer for X Men.

What do you think? You can check out other offical movies online, like Assassins Creed here.

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Batman Versus Superman, Official Full Movie

For comic book enthusiasts, Superman and Batman fans, and Marvel fans in general, this is the movie to see. This is one of several blockbuster hit movies this summer.

This is the epic, official full movie of the 2016 box office smash, Batman Versus Superman. Though Batman does make a few cameos in the official movie trailer for Suicide Squad. Who are you rooting for?

If Batman nor Superman is your thing, check out Captain America and Iron Man going at it in the offical full movie from Captain America, Civil War.

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Captain America Civil War, Official Full Movie

If you haven't seen the official full movie, Captain America Civil War, it is another great flick by DC/Marvel Comics, much like the popular X Men movie chain shown in this official movie trailer.

Iron Man and Captain America have a tift that turns into an epic brawl between teams primarily because of the official Marvel movie, Winter Soldier, another Marvel Hero/villain. 

If you love Marvel villains, Joker and Harley Quinn make the most of it in this official music video


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Deadpool, Angel of the Morning Official Music ...

The Deadpool Angel of the Morning official music video is a new take on an old song. This is the original singer, Juice Newton, but the video is way more exciting. The official movie trailer for Deadpool can be viewed as well. 

If you are into super heroes, check out Mystique in the one of the official X Men movie trailers,. Another great clip offers up Evan Peters, who also stars in American Horror Story. He is Quicksilver in this official movie trailer.

Rather see a hot villian? Suicide Squad is a definite hit on the silver screen. Check out Harley Quinn in this official movie trailer for Suicide Squad.  


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Mystique, Official Movie Trailer, X Men Apocalypse

Mystique, or Raven, as we learn she was previously called, is one of the hottest Marvel females in any X-Men film. In X-Men Apocalypse, this official movie trailer, her inner beauty really shines.
Despite her love for Magneto, she knows he doesn't always make the best decisions. Her true heart comes out in this summer blockbuster, showing us a different side of this sexy, super hero/villain.
Raven is the inner part she has kept hidden from most, but Xavier and some of the others draw this withdrawn nature back out. Quicksilver ends up being an influence also, on many levels. You can check out his amazing abilities here.
You can even catch the official movie trailer of Suicide Squad, and Captain America, Winter Soldier, the official full movie on here.

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The Official Movie Trailer for X Men ...

This is the official movie trailer for Marvel's X Men Apocalypse. This particular video features the renowned antics of Magneto, who goes from bad to good, at least in this film.

We learn that Magneto has one surviving son, the incredible Quicksilver, who admires his father more than he knows.

This is one of many great trailers for this season's blockbuster X Men Apocalypse movie. You can check out the hot and sexy Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence along with some other great Marvel films, like Suicide Squad and Captain America!

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